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As I Hovered on the Ceiling in 1972 – I Can Talk About it Now

Dear readers, This is about a near-death experience, about the end of a marriage, about a page, turning. Please do not copy without my written permission. May be shared only if not changed and if this site is credited Caution: … Continue reading

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Two poems and an essay about dreams & existence

2004: The Body of Existence Heaven and earth appear to meet but are always running side-by-side. There are no tomorrows And no yesterdays, Only memory and thought In the body of existence. I dream that I am living in skin … Continue reading

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Dear readers, I have been reviewing my writings from over the years and came across this essay. Wind is a big factor in our lives in the spring in Albuquerque. Here are some thoughts, then and now: July 17, 1997 … Continue reading

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Salmon: Two: The Creek Life Gave Me.

Pastel painting of Salmon Creek  c Suzanne 2000 “Everything communicates.” Eagle Woman,  “Rattlesnake Singing ” –  rENEGADE pLANETS pRESS1998 Salmon Creek is  a fusion, a blend of two worlds. First, the Pacific ocean with its dark salty dramatic energies; outward, cold … Continue reading

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