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LADY OF THE LAKE, What do you want?

§he came to me in a dream the other night. Some would call this a blessing dream, since the figure is a mythical one. I had to look her up. Wikipedia had two different stories about her. In one, she insists … Continue reading

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Dear reader, I have hesitated to write this. I am not publishing it right away, and I will review it again later. And because I am one who reflects, I will probably review it yet again. It is an intense … Continue reading

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Beyond Logic

1. After he died, Our beloved Sherm, my mother said, The only regret I have is that every time we planned to go to Hawaii, something happened, and it fell through, and we never got to go together. And I said … Continue reading

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Salmon: Two: The Creek Life Gave Me.

Pastel painting of Salmon Creek  c Suzanne 2000 “Everything communicates.” Eagle Woman,  “Rattlesnake Singing ” –  rENEGADE pLANETS pRESS1998 Salmon Creek is  a fusion, a blend of two worlds. First, the Pacific ocean with its dark salty dramatic energies; outward, cold … Continue reading

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SALMON STORIES: One: The Scent of Forgiveness

Pastel painting of Cycle of Salmon c Suzanne Z 1999  Something about a Salmon captivates me.  Today I will tell you the first Salmon story:  The Scent of Forgiveness My father was born under the sign of Pisces, the fish, … Continue reading

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