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As I Hovered on the Ceiling in 1972 – I Can Talk About it Now

Dear readers, This is about a near-death experience, about the end of a marriage, about a page, turning. Please do not copy without my written permission. May be shared only if not changed and if this site is credited Caution: … Continue reading

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Josie and Mickey 1928

Dear reader, The following is fiction based on truth. Shegoestowater usually has essays based on mysterious experiences of the author. However the fiction in our other blog,, is being used for a work in progress. Here, then, is a … Continue reading

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Two poems and an essay about dreams & existence

2004: The Body of Existence Heaven and earth appear to meet but are always running side-by-side. There are no tomorrows And no yesterdays, Only memory and thought In the body of existence. I dream that I am living in skin … Continue reading

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FOOD (Emotional Nourishment)

Dear readers, Mystery involves many facets of life, including processes of loss, grief, and sources of solace. The story below is a true  one. For each memoir, remember that everyone has a piece of the truth, and the others in … Continue reading

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The Grandfather I always wanted

The Grandfather I always wanted Rocks me on the porch wraps his big hands around mine, while grandmother watches with squinted eye. She knew him young, wild eye, roaming hands, but he is spent now, gnarled, gone to wooded sweetness, … Continue reading

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I remember you dancing

1. I remember you dancing Lifting up, touching down lightly, lightly. And I think of you now, and how you have lived, so far from what we both hold dear. And it all makes sense; you were not meant to … Continue reading

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July 4, 2014 two poems and a storm

Thursday July 3 2014 After work, as the sky darkens, I throw the doors  and windows open for the wind, for the clamoring chimes, for the purification of motion. I write this in the dark. I want to be part … Continue reading

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