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Tomorrow Is Today

  When I was young, I tried to imagine happiness. Even in chaos, in strife. Myself: bright, healthy. Whole. Belonging. Out from under the dark cloud that surrounded me and made me feel helpless. You see, in childhood, I learned to … Continue reading

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Josie and Mickey 1928

Dear reader, The following is fiction based on truth. Shegoestowater usually has essays based on mysterious experiences of the author. However the fiction in our other blog,, is being used for a work in progress. Here, then, is a … Continue reading

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FOOD (Emotional Nourishment)

Dear readers, Mystery involves many facets of life, including processes of loss, grief, and sources of solace. The story below is a true  one. For each memoir, remember that everyone has a piece of the truth, and the others in … Continue reading

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The Old House

If you were a house, wouldn’t you want your inhabitants to be happy? To enjoy you? Wouldn’t you want to wrap around your people to  provide them with a sense of home? I think that the old house wanted to … Continue reading

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SALMON STORIES: One: The Scent of Forgiveness

Pastel painting of Cycle of Salmon c Suzanne Z 1999  Something about a Salmon captivates me.  Today I will tell you the first Salmon story:  The Scent of Forgiveness My father was born under the sign of Pisces, the fish, … Continue reading

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