Created from morning writing exercises inspired by Julia Cameron. Copyright Suzanne 2016


Making my bed each morning

Walking, striding, briskly

Washing dishes in hot soapy water

Gardening and digging in dirt, patting the flowers hello

Writing morning pages almost every morning

Giving thanks every day, thank you, wado (Cherokee), wopila  (Lakota)

Praying, as often as breathing

Reading at night before bed

Thinking of my sons, their wives, my grandkids, my friends, (old and new) in my heart forever

CHERISHING – what is greater than myself

All of creation,

You and me on our journeys, meeting up

Air and space around me as I walk

Breezes making the trees talk

Wind talking loudly, moving the world

Gurgling little fountains in my yard forever

Water strong and bold, small and gentle

The oceans, the rivers and streams, the springs, the ponds and pools

The salmon, thousands, rushing toward the ocean from South Salmon Creek

Dirt, earth, growth, splendor, waning, earth, dirt

Mountain, rock, stone, pebble

Lava, fire, heat, fuel

Scents : pine, sweet flowers, vanilla, clean new dirt, wind of storm, coming soon. Sweet-smelling sheets. Popcorn, popping.

Baby skin

Sparkly eyes

Furry creatures


Voices voices voices

Tears shared

Words words words

Colors bright, true not muted, not muddy

Sounds of melody, or bass rock, repeated refrains. Not screechy or harsh or strident


Little red wagons

Blue paring knife which fits in my hand perfectly, from Mother’s kitchen after she passed

Phone messages, voices I can’t bear to erase, even though you are gone

Photographs of loved ones treasured, framed, pinned on the wall across the page, on the shelf

Books I’ve read and re-read at least twice

Black heavy cast iron skillet always on the front burner

Handmade quilts, made with her one hand

Decorations made of buttons and wire, made when I couldn’t sleep

Old cotton purple dress I throw on each summer and it still fits, but differently

Winter socks and cotton leggings and sweaters and layers beneath

Jeans true blue, worn and light and soft

FOOD – hearty

Sourdough bread from San Francisco

Cookies, chunky to sink your teeth in and chew

Casseroles of chicken and pasta, or chicken and rice

Eggs basted or scrambled or put in a quiche or hard boiled with salt and pepper

Sweet potatoes,

Food I make from scratch: chili, soups, cakes

Salads with blue cheese and berries, or with eggs and salami and onions and pepperoncini or with asparagus, walnuts and blue cheese

Milk evaporated for drinks, whole for drinking

Coffee with milk; cold brew or hot brew

Tea with milk

Sharp cheddar cheese

Corn bread, corn cakes, polenta, Frito corn chips, corn on the cob, corn on the stalk in my garden


Guacamole made of avocado, onion, chili, lime

Watermelon salad with onion, jalapeno, blue cheese, lime

Graham crackers with marshmallow and chocolate

Grilled meat, chicken, fish my oldest son has made on the grill

The strong coffee my youngest son makes

Sweet and salty and crunchy

Food made with love


Art made with love

Love in every breath

All my relations

Copyright 2016 Suzanne








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  1. Georgine Stob says:

    YES, YES AND YES AGAIN!! Well put, comprehensive. While some spiritual beliefs see the material world as “illusion”, it’s a powerful experience. As sensate beings, responding out of our feelings about the sensations that our environment evokes makes it harder, as the years go by, to think about one day being without them. Life grows more precious day by day, season to season, year to year.

    Thanks for putting that all into words.



  2. Thanks for reading and commenting. It was a good exercise.


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